Development of crispy fried Pla-ra product using prototype from accelerated fermentation with autochthonous bacterial starter

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Atchariya Suriya
Sarn Settachaimongkon


The fermentation of Pla-ra with autochthonous starter contained Bacillus subtilis subsp Subtilis UD6-2 and Virgibacillus halodenitrificans NCFF-2 under solid state fermentation (SSF) condition was evaluated. Pla-ra with the starter fermented by 3.5 month had similar properties in terms of texture, color and odor to traditional Pla-ra when assessed by manufacturers. Crispy fried Pla-ra, product models from Pla-ra with starter traditional derived were made and subjected to sensory preference test. It was found that all attributes of the crispy fried Pla-ra with starter product were more accepted than the traditional Pla-ra with significant higher liking scores (p<0.05). The test also demonstrated that the texture of Pla-ra significantly influenced the liking of taste and overall liking (p<0.05). Based on crispy fried Pla-ra proposed in this study, it could be an interesting alternative Pla-ra derived product that contained high protein and also a shelf stable with low hazard risk.

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