A comparison between the fossil fish faunas from the Talbragar Fossil Fish Bed near Gulgong, NSW and the Koonwarra Fossil Bed, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia: Upper Jurassic vs Lower Cretaceous times

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Lynne Bean


The Talbragar Fish Bed, located in central New South Wales (NSW) is one of the best fossil sites for studying Jurassic fishes in Australia. It contains well-preserved external moulds of at least eight fish genera, many plant fragments and, due to recent discoveries, an increasing number of insects. The site was discovered in 1889 and its importance was recognised immediately. Fossils have been known since the 1960s from the Koonwarra fossil fish site. Both Australian Mesozoic localities have a wide diversity of fishes and plants. They represent well preserved Gondwanan sites which add to our knowledge of the southern continent.

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