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ASEAN Journal of Scientific and Technological Reports (AJSTR)
Journal Abbreviation: ASEAN J. Sci. Tech. Report.
Online ISSN: 2773-8752
Start Year: 1998
Language: English (since Vol. 24 No. 3, 2021)

Sompong O-Thong

Aims and Scope
AJSTR is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers and reviews the fields of agricultural and biological sciences, engineering and technology, computer science, and other related science and technology. The journal is dedicated to promoting the advancement of science and technology in the ASEAN region and beyond by providing a platform for researchers, scientists, and academics to publish their research findings and share their knowledge with the broader scientific community. AJSTR welcomes submissions from researchers, scientists, and academics in the ASEAN region and around the world on topics including:

  Agricultural and Biological Sciences (Plant Science, Soil science, Animal Science, Crop Science, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Horticulture, Food Science, Agriculture Ecology, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Microbiology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Engineering, and Environmental Science)

  Engineering and Technology (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science, Process Engineering, Biological Engineering, Ecological Engineering, Applied Engineering, Rubber Technology, Bioenergy, Nanotechnology, and Climate Change)

  Computer Science (Software Engineering, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Media, Web Applications, Deep Learning, and Cybersecurity)

   Other related science and technology (Experimental Physics, Astronomy, Space Science, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical and Analytical Chemistry)

Publication Malpractice Statement: The ASEAN Journal of Scientific and Technological Reports (AJSTR) has a zero-tolerance policy towards publication malpractice. We uphold the highest ethical standards and take misconduct allegations seriously. Our publication malpractice statement includes the following principles:
         1. Plagiarism: AJSTR considers plagiarism a serious offense. Any plagiarism, including using others' work without proper acknowledgment or permission, will not be tolerated. If plagiarism is detected, the manuscript will be immediately rejected, and appropriate actions will be taken.
         2. Fabrication and Falsification: AJSTR prohibits the fabrication or falsification of data or results. Authors must present accurate and reliable data; any manipulation or misrepresentation of research findings is considered a severe breach of ethical conduct.
         3. Multiple Submissions: Manuscripts submitted to AJSTR must not be under consideration by any other journal or conference proceedings. Simultaneous submission of the same work to multiple publications is unethical and will result in immediate rejection.
         4. Authorship Disputes: Authorship should accurately reflect the contributions of individuals involved in the research. Any disputes related to authorship or misrepresentation of authorship must be resolved before submitting the manuscript. AJSTR holds authors responsible for providing accurate and complete information regarding authorship.
          5. Peer Review Integrity: AJSTR maintains the integrity of the peer review process. Any attempts to manipulate the review process, such as coercing reviewers or providing false recommendations, are strictly prohibited.
          6. Retraction and Corrections: If significant errors or misconduct are identified in a published article, AJSTR will take appropriate action, including issuing a retraction or publishing corrections to rectify the situation. Corrections will be made promptly, transparently, and according to established guidelines.
          7. Reporting Misconduct: AJSTR encourages authors, reviewers, and readers to report any suspected misconduct, ethical violations, or concerns regarding published articles. Such reports will be thoroughly investigated, and necessary actions will be taken based on the findings.
          AJSTR is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the scholarly publishing process and upholding the trust placed in us by authors, reviewers, and readers. We are committed to promptly addressing any instances of publication malpractice and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct throughout the publication journey.