Aims and Scope
The ASEAN Journal of Scientific and Technological Reports (AJSTR) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers and reviews the fields of agricultural and biological sciences, engineering and technology, computer science, and other related science and technology. The journal is dedicated to promoting the advancement of science and technology in the ASEAN region and beyond by providing a platform for researchers, scientists, and academics to publish their research findings and share their knowledge with the broader scientific community. AJSTR welcomes submissions from researchers, scientists, and academics in the ASEAN region and around the world on topics including:

  • Agricultural and Biological Sciences
    Plant Science, Soil science, Animal Science, Crop Science, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Horticulture, Food Science, Agriculture Ecology, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Microbiology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Engineering, and Environmental Science
  • Engineering and Technology
    Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science, Process Engineering, Biological Engineering, Ecological Engineering, Applied Engineering, Rubber Technology, Bioenergy, Nanotechnology, and Climate Change
  • Computer Science
    Software Engineering, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Media, Web Applications, Deep Learning, and Cybersecurity
  • Other related science and technology
    Experimental Physics, Astronomy, Space Science, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical and Analytical Chemistry.

          All submissions to AJSTR undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and validity of the published research. The journal encourages the submission of papers that present innovative and original research, as well as those that contribute to the development of new theories, methodologies, and techniques in the fields of agricultural and biological sciences, engineering and technology, computer science, and other related science and technology.
          AJSTR is committed to promoting open access to scientific research and aims to make research accessible to a broader audience, including researchers and students in developing countries who may not have access to expensive scientific journals. The journal also seeks to foster collaboration and partnerships between researchers in the ASEAN region and around the world and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between different scientific disciplines.

Types of Published Articles
AJSTR is published either as a research article or a review article. 
         1. Research articles report original research findings in agricultural and biological sciences, engineering and technology, computer science, and other related science and technology. The research article should include a clear research question, methodology, results, and conclusion. The article should also provide a clear and concise discussion of the research findings, their implications, and their contributions to the relevant field of study. AJSTR does not accept case studies unless it is a study that has a wide impact on the community or industry. The total length of the manuscript, including references, must not exceed 8000 words.
         2. Review articles
comprehensively review the existing literature on a specific topic in agricultural and biological sciences, engineering and technology, computer science, and others related to science and technology. Review articles should critically analyze and synthesize the literature, identify knowledge gaps, and suggest future research directions. The format and length of review papers are more flexible than research articles. Typical reviews are less than 12,000 words, including references.
         All published articles in AJSTR should be based on rigorous and ethical research and adhere to the highest standards of scientific integrity. The journal encourages the submission of articles that present innovative and original research and contribute to developing new theories, methodologies, and techniques.

Publication Frequency
AJSTR publishes six issues per year (January - February, March - April, May - June, July - August, September - October, and November - December) with a number of articles per issue of 8-10, 4 issues per year starting from Vol. 24, issue No. 1 in 2021. The journal aims to provide timely and regular publication of high-quality research in the relevant fields of study.

AJSTR requires that all articles be written in the English language. Clear and concise language and adherence to proper grammar and spelling are encouraged.

Publication Charges
The publication fee is charged when the manuscript is accepted for publication in AJSTR. The publication fee is 4,000 baht or 150 US dollars. Authors are informed about the fee at the time of acceptance.

Bank’s name:            The Government Savings Bank (GSB), Papayom Branch
Account’s number: 0-2032824189-6 
Account’s name:      TSUJ

Open Access Policy
The journal aims to promote open access to scientific research and to make research accessible to a broader audience. AJSTR is an open-access journal, meaning all published articles are freely available online to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Ownership and Management
Thaksin University is the proud owner of the ASEAN Journal of Scientific and Technological Reports (AJSTR). The journal receives partial support from the Research and Development Institute of Thaksin University. The operation and management of AJSTR are made possible through various funding sources, including publication fees. This financial support allows AJSTR to maintain its high publication standards, rigorous peer-review process, and open-access availability to researchers and readers worldwide. Thaksin University's commitment to promoting scientific research and technological advancement is exemplified by its ownership and support of AJSTR, fostering the dissemination of valuable knowledge and facilitating collaborations within the ASEAN region and beyond.

AJSTR is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Research and Development Institute, Thaksin University, Thailand.

Copyright and Licensing
AJSTR values copyright protection and licensing to safeguard author rights and facilitate the appropriate dissemination of research. Our policies ensure openness, accessibility, and attribution. Authors retain copyright ownership, and articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), allowing sharing, adaptation, and proper attribution. Authors have the freedom to publish under the CC BY license, granting broad reuse and distribution permissions. AJSTR supports posting articles on third-party repositories, adhering to institutional and funding restrictions. Author guidelines detail copyright and licensing requirements, empowering authors with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities. These policies cultivate an environment of collaboration, openness, and responsible sharing, benefiting authors and the research community while honoring intellectual property rights.

Revenue Sources
AJSTR employs various revenue sources to sustain its operations and uphold transparency. We provide clear information about our revenue model on our website. Our revenue sources include Article Processing Charges (APCs), which authors pay upon manuscript acceptance to cover publication costs. Institutional support from Thaksin University and other academic institutions aids our administrative and technological needs. We may display relevant advertisements that do not compromise content integrity. Grants, sponsorships, and donations from aligned entities support initiatives like special issues and conferences. Importantly, our revenue sources do not influence editorial decisions; manuscripts are evaluated solely on scientific merit. We prioritize affordability, accessibility, and publishing standards to maintain transparency in our operations.

AJSTR maintains transparency and integrity through its advertising policy. Relevant and appropriate advertisements, such as academic conferences, educational programs, and research tools, are considered. The editorial board or an advertising committee makes decisions based on relevance and quality. Advertisements do not influence editorial decisions, ensuring the scientific merit of manuscripts. They are displayed separately from published content, clearly distinguished, and placed in designated sections. Advertisements are not linked to specific content or reader behavior, selected based on relevance, or displayed randomly. AJSTR prioritizes professionalism, ethics, and the separation of advertising from scientific content, upholding editorial independence and article integrity.

Direct Marketing
AJSTR employs direct marketing activities to promote the journal while maintaining ethical standards. Our approach involves targeted outreach to researchers and academics in relevant fields, ensuring accurate and informative communication about AJSTR's mission and features. We prioritize transparency, obtaining consent, and respecting data privacy regulations. Our unobtrusive approach aims to provide valuable information without overwhelming recipients. We comply with applicable regulations and continuously review our practices for compliance. AJSTR is dedicated to responsible and ethical direct marketing, engaging the scientific community, fostering collaborations, and transparently disseminating high-quality research.

Journal History
AJSTR has a rich history dating back to 1998 when Thaksin University established it as the "Thaksin University Journal (Thaksin Univ J; online ISSN 2651-0693)" with publications in Thai and English. In 2021, the journal shifted its focus to promoting research from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries and began only accepting English manuscripts. AJSTR focuses on research integrating multiple fields or subfields within agricultural and biological sciences, engineering and technology, and computer science. Thaksin Univ J was renamed into the ASEAN Journal of Scientific and Technological Reports (AJSTR) to attract more international readers and authors. AJSTR is committed to promoting access to research and knowledge in the scientific community, particularly in ASEAN countries with limited access to scientific journals.

ISSN 2773-8752 (Online)