The Development of Android Application for Learning of the Moment of Force for Secondary Students

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Anusa Kaewsomtong
Anurak Udomvech


      We have created and developed an Android application for learning in physics of "Moment of Force" for junior high school level. The application was designed by including the key contents of the moment and force incorporate with gameplay as evaluation student’s conception insights. This learning style will entertain users with studying and testing knowledge and concept along the way. There is also an examination for measuring the level of understanding at the end. By creating the application, the Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and other required programs were used. Finally, the performance and efficiency were evaluated by random samples of 30 physics students and 30 middle school students with while-learning test, post-test and quality assessments including satisfaction surveys for the application. Data analysis statistical techniques, such as mean value and standard deviation, were used as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of media and satisfaction levels. It was found that the app has performance of good quality and efficiency according to criteria E1/E2 of 80/80. The overall level of satisfaction by student samples with the application is very good.

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