Formulation of Amomum biflorum Jack Air Freshener Gel

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T้haweeporn Keereekoch
Thawatchai Srisuwan
Pimchanok Kaewpitak
Somrutai Dangnam
Sanan Subhaddhirasakul


This study was to formulate air freshener gel containing essential oil of Amomum biflorum Jack. Four formulations were composed of 0 %, 2 %, 4 % and 6 % essential oil. They were prepared and used for the assessment on 100 volunteers. The  aroma-liking score of formulation containing 2 % essential oil was significantly higher than other formulations (p < 0.05). The physical stability test at 25 ๐C and 40 ๐C for 1 day showed that there were no changes in odor, color and gel texture. There was reduction of odor and gel texture dried out after being kept at room temperature for 90 days. GC-MS analysis of Amomum biflorum Jack essential oil and freshly prepared gel showed that there was difference in the major chemical component of Amomum biflorum Jack essential oil and freshly prepared gel, Limonene and Benzoic acid, respectively. Freshly prepared gel found Benzoic acid because Sodium benzoate was a preservative. In addition, three chemical components, Camphor, β-Selinene and α-Terpineol were found in Amomum biflorum Jack essential oil and freshly prepared gel.


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