Development of Binary Catalysts Support for the Electro-Oxidation Reaction Enhancement of Glycerol Alkaline Fuel Cell

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Piyawat Masjod
Kantrakorn Suwanraksa
Chakkrapong Chaiburi


The aim of this research is to analyze the efficiency of bimetallic catalysts for the electrooxidation of glycerol in alkaline electrolyte. The results were found that Pd/C and Pd/FeXOY-C catalysts exhibited smoothly surface morphology and evenly metal distribution on supporter. In addition, when tested the electro-oxidation reaction of alkaline with the intermediate glycerol were found that the Pd/FeXOY-C catalyst obtained highly effective electro-oxidation reaction of glycerol more than Pd/C catalyst. Herein, Pd/FeXOY-C catalyst presented the maximum current density as 1.92 mA at -0.100 V which more than the Pd/C catalyst that found as 1.67 mA at the same condition.


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