Using Iron-Containing Clay as Fenton-Like Catalyst for Textile Dyeing Wastewater Decolorization

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Artit Ausavasukhi
Sirinat Mopundung


In this research, various iron-containing clays were used as Fenton-like catalyst for the decolorization of textile dyeing wastewater from community based silk producers in Pak Thong Chai district. The iron-containg clay, namely C-Clay1 provides the highest % decolorization. The optimal reacting conditions were found to be initial pH of 3.0, [H2O2]o of 0.6 mol/L, and the amounts of catalyst is 20 g/L at temperature 50oC. Under these conditions, efficiency of decolorization and reduction of chemical oxygen demand (COD) of textile dyeing wastewater were nearly 100 % within 24 hours reaction time when using the C-Clay1 as catalyst.


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