Using a Smart Phone Camera as a Color Detector for Ethanol Estimation based on Time Analysis in Mixed Alcoholic Drinks

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Narong Kotchabhakdi


The colorimetric method for ethanol estimation was developed based on the redox reaction of chromium using a smartphone camera as a color detector. Time-Based Analysis (TBA) was employed for color signal evaluation. The Red Green Blue (RGB), Cyan Magenta Yellow (CMY) and Hue saturation Value (HSV) color models were used for monitoring a color change from Orange (Cr(VI)) to Blue (Cr (III)) in a reaction plate-form. The reaction time of ethanol and dichromate ion depended on the concentration of ethanol in which the stop time of each color model was selected and recorded in the second unit and employed for signal processing in log scale. The results showed a linear range of 1.0-5.0 %w/v ethanol, r2= 0.991-0.998, % recovery of 82-118% and %RSD less than 10% of analysis performance test with mixed alcoholic drink samples. The proposed method was successfully applied for determination ethanol in real samples with less complicated, rapid, low cost and portable.

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