Fe2O3 on Zeolite NaY Synthesized from Rice Husk as Catalyst for Oxidation of Styrene

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Kamolwan Rintramee
Laoongdown Sujarit
Suwanan Kornsanthia


In this research, zeolite NaY is successfully synthesized from rice husk silica as agricultural waste material. Iron catalysts on zeolite NaY from wet impregnation, Fe/NaY with Fe loading 0.5-10.0 wt% are characterized and investigated for the oxidation of styrene to benzaldehyde. The characterization with wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) suggest that loaded iron dispersed on external surface and inside pore of NaY. Moreover, the formation of g-Fe2O3 phase is observed on NaY, as indicated by soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy. TGA and FTIR measurements of the Fe/NaY also show the formation of nitrate ion. Over the catalysts, the oxidation of styrene is enhanced with benzaldehyde being the major whereas styrene glycol, acetophenone, phenylacetaldehyde, styrene oxide and benzoic acid being the minor products. The 2.5wt%Fe/NaY show the good catalytic selectivity in catalytic oxidation of styrene using H2O2 and reaction time at 6 h, and the selectivity of the benzaldehyde reached 75%.


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