Dear Colleagues,

On The path of Thailand 4.0, many organizations have deployed and carried out the project to improve their business in many ways. For example one of the mega projects is to develop a fuel depot in Pichit and Lampang province in the northern part of Thailand and a pipeline system to transfer the oil with the project value of 3,000 million Baht which will change the oil logistic system in Thailand. Such projects can be a benefit in many ways such as reducing air pollution created by truck transportation, reducing accidents on road, and sustaining oil in the northern part of Thailand which can be used for transportation, agriculture, and many more. Technology and engineering are of very important aspects that can make the impossible possible.

International Scientific Journal of Engineering and Technology (ISJET) keeps moving on along with the new and changing technology to present new research information that can benefit various organizations. We would like to thank all contributors for their valuable research in engineering and technology including using social media, technology, transportation, and manufacturing. Such information will be a great knowledge in many organizations and crucial for their business. We would like to urge you to continue to support our journal with your valuable research.

Finally, on behalf of the Editorial Board, we would appreciate feedback from you, the readers of, and contributors to the ISJET. Hence, you are encouraged to contact the Editors or the journal coordinator on any aspect of the journal. Your input is, as always, highly valued as it helps up improve further the quality of our offering.


With Kind regards,
Asst. Prof. Dr. Phannachet Na Lamphun

Published: 2019-06-28