An Automated IPTV Answering System Using Case-Based Reasoning Technique

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Phuminun Bua-ngam


The purpose of Project was to develop and evaluate an answering system using Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to help support the service center staffs. This new system should solve the problem of complexity and provide customers with rapid service. This research was a case study of TOT Public Company from the year 2013 to 2018. This was achieved by applying Case-Based Reasoning technique which had the four processes of information as follows retrieve, reuse, revise and retain. Once development was completed, the system was then evaluated focusing on quality and accuracy. The overall accuracy was found to be 78.89 percent by experts, which means correctness of information was at a good level. The average mean score was 4.31 points, with a standard deviation of 0.61 points for experts and the average mean score was 4.49 points with a standard deviation of 0.51 points for users. In conclusion, the developed automated IPTV answering system using case-based reasoning technique achieved all research targets and could be used in a real world scenario successfully.

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