Far and Fast Climb

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Palanunt Pajayakrit
Itti Yuthayanon
Jiravud Klongtrujrok


              The well-known climb speeds are maximum angle of climb speed (Vx) and maximum rate of climb speed (Vy). Both speeds are based on principles of Flight Mechanics but are too slow, causing inconveniences for various reasons. Therefore, the manufacturers suggest other climb speeds from experience for conveniences. This study proposes additional climb speed called “Far and Fast Climb Speed” (Vff) to be based on principles of Flight Mechanics. It will produce additional ground distance in limited time and be close to climb speeds from manufacturers.

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Pajayakrit, P., Yuthayanon, I., & Klongtrujrok, J. (2021). Far and Fast Climb. NKRAFA JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 17(1), 85–95. Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/nkrafa-sct/article/view/242402
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