Comparisons of Achievement of Statistics using Applications

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Supavadee Leelayut
Tananop limsuwanroj


The purpose of this research is to compare the study Navaminda Kasatriyadhiraj Royal Air Force Academy students from teaching by the traditional lecture method in the academic year 2020/2021 with the application of an application for learning in the academic year 2021/2022. The samples used in this research were 18 air cadets studying engineering statistics, academic year 2021/2022. Statistical analysis was done in terms of mean, standard deviation, and t-test. The results showed that air cadets who used the application to study received higher test scores than air cadets who received the traditional lecture method. at a statistically significant level.

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Leelayut, S., & limsuwanroj, T. (2023). Comparisons of Achievement of Statistics using Applications. NKRAFA JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 19(2), 87–94. Retrieved from
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