Biological Activity of Siderophore Against Fungi Disease in Onion Leaves

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Siderophores are the naturally occurring compounds that extracted from certain bacteria, fungi, and some plants then tanked them up used for medicine, agriculture and so on. This work deals with selection of bacterial from Kaokadong national park mountain habitat at Buriram province incubated them in SA medium broth and then extraction of some siderophores classified into two groups; hydroxamate and catecholate siderophore, for preliminary screening as anti-fungal diseases of onion leaves. The result have shown that hydroxamate siderophore inhibited Collectorichum circinans, Sclerotium cepivorum Berk, with high spectrum but not show any activity to Alternaria porri and Stemphylium borysum, for catecholate siderophore show high activities to Alternaria porri and Stemphylium borysum but against Collectorichum circinans with less activity.


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ปะติตังโขส., & ปะติตังโขก. (2018). Biological Activity of Siderophore Against Fungi Disease in Onion Leaves. Journal of Science and Technology Buriram Rajabhat University, 2(1), 47-58. Retrieved from
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