New species of Cipangopaludina (Caenogastropoda: Viviparidae) from Zhejiang, China

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Lu Hong–Fa
Fang Mei–Juan
Du Li–Na


A new species of Viviparidae, Cipangopaludina hehuensis sp. nov. is described from irrigation ditches on terraces in Hehu Town of Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province, China. The new species was placed into Cipangopaludina chinensis group due to spiral depth longer than aperture height. New species could be distinguished from other congeners of chinensis group by shell without color bands vs. with color band in C. ussuriensis; vas deferens opens in last 1/4 of testis vs. 1/3 of tesitis in C. chinensis and C. c. fluminalis; vas deferens with 5–6 branches vs. 8–9 in C. haasi. Additionally, the character of osphradium long, about two times the length from the anterior of osphradium to mantle edge could be distinguished from other species of Ciapangopaludina.

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