Development and identiication of Garra Larvae in Thailand

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Apichart Termvidchakorn
Siriwan Suksri
Wichian Magtoon


This study provides new data on the developmental morphology for the identiication of three species of ish found in Thailand, stone-lapping minnows (Garra cambodgiensis), sooty garra (G. fuliginosa), and Tenassarim garra (G. notata). Larval specimens were collected from the artiicial breeding tanks and rearing ponds at the Mae Hong Son and Nan Fisheries Research Stations. The larvae were divided into four developmental stages, i.e., yolk sac, larval, post-larval, and juvenile. Their morphometric and meristic characteristics, including the number of myomere, dorsal-and anal-fin rays, and the chromatophore pigment patterns, were studied and used for the species identiication. For the Garra larvae, the chromatophore pigmentation on the gut, midline, and dorsal and ventral parts of the body were the important characteristics. In addition, the juvenile stage can be distinguished by the chromatophore pigmentation on the gut, midline, and the dorsal and ventral parts of the body.

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