Karyotypes of three species of cyprinid fishes Garra cambodgiensis, G. fasciacauda and G. notata (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) from Thailand

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Thawat Donsakul
Achariya Runsiruji
Wichian Magtoon


Karyotype analyses revealed that three species of cyprinid fishes from Thailand, Garra cambodgiensis, G. fasciacauda and G. notata, have the same diploid chromosome number of 2n = 50. However, they have different karyotype formulae. The karyotype formula of G. cambodgiensis is 10 metacentric (m) + 6 submetacentric (sm) + 2 subtelocentric (st) + 7 acrocentric (T) and the fundamental chromosome arm number (NF) is 82. G. fasciacauda is 9M + 7SM + 1ST + 8T and NF = 84, whilst G. notata is 10M + 5SM + 10T and NF = 80. This is the first report.

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