Some Properties of Edge-intersection Graph of 3-uniform Hypergraphs of Order 6n and Size 4n

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Supawan Nanta
Krittawit Limkul


Let  gif.latex?\dpi{100}&space;H=(V,E) be a gif.latex?3-uniform, gif.latex?2-regular, connected hypergraph of order gif.latex?6n and size gif.latex?4n for some gif.latex?n&space;\in&space;\mathbb{N}. For gif.latex?e&space;\in&space;E, let gif.latex?E_e=\{f\in&space;E&space;\backslash\{e\}:e\cap&space;f\neq\O\}, the transversal number of a hypergraph gif.latex?H in which gif.latex?|E_e|=2 for all gif.latex?e\in&space;E are investigated. In this paper, we interested in studying some properties of an edge-intersection graph gif.latex?L(H) of a hypergraph gif.latex?H such as the vertex cover, the matching, and the independent set. We prove that  gif.latex?L(H) is a bipartite graph and the transversal number of gif.latex?H is equal to the vertex covering number of gif.latex?L(H).

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