Distribution Solutions of Euler Equations

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Alongkot Suvarnamani and Gumpon Sritanratana


         Consider  the n^{th} order  non-homogeneous  Euler  equation  of  the  formm_{0}t^{n}y^{(n)}(t)+m_{1}t^{n-1}y^{(n-1)}(t)+\cdots +m_{n-1}ty'(t)+m_{n}y(t)=f(t)    (1)

where  m_{0}, m_{1}, m_{2}, …, m_{n}  are real number m_{0}\neq 0, t\: \epsilon \: R  and f(t) is a right-sided distribution.  By using Laplace transform, we found that a complementary function of this equation in distribution sense is investigated under the conditions on the values of m_{0}, m_{1}, m_{2}, …, and m_{n}.

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Alongkot Suvarnamani and Gumpon Sritanratana, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi


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