Development of Paper from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch and Mesocarp, and Paper Mulberry Fibers, with Chitosan Coating

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Praphapan Tumthongkhum
Nitchakarn Buataengtansakul
Rungsima Chollakup
Amnat Jarerat
Siriyupa Netramai
Wuttinant Kongtud


This research aimed to develop paper from oil palm empty fruit bunch (Fb), oil palm mesocarp (M), and paper mulberry (P), with chitosan coating, to be used as single-use paper bag for dry food products. The optimal conditions for pulp preparation of Fb, M, and P fibers were cooking in 30, 25, and 15% NaOH solution at 170, 170, and 100°C, for 3 hours, respectively. The optimal H2O2 concentrations for bleaching of Fb, M, and P pulps were 40%, 40%, and 0.2% respectively. The obtained pulps were then used to prepared papers with the basis weight of 109 g/m2. The papers consisted of Fb, M, and P pulps at ratios of 70:0:30 (FbP), 0:70:30 (MP), 35:35:30 (FbMP). It was found that FbP paper showed superior physical and/or mechanical characteristics than those of MP and FbMP. FbP papers were then applied with chitosan solutions (0.2-0.6%) to further improving their mechanical properties and reducing their water absorption characteristics. The optimal concentration of chitosan was 0.4%. This study showed that all three types of pulps could be used to produce papers that had equal or superior mechanical- and water adsorption properties as compared to commercially available paper bags made from wood pulp.


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