The Environment and Natural Resources Journal (Environ. Nat. Resour. J.) is a peer-reviewed and freely available online journal, published quarterly by the Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand. The journal publishes the original research articles in all areas of environmental science and natural resource management with emphasis on Asia and Southeast Asia. All articles are considered for publication in this journal with the understanding that they must not be previously published in another journal or simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. The journal follows the double-blind peer review process to maintain the quality in the published articles. The submitted manuscripts are evaluated by at least two independent reviewers in the relevant fields and must be approved by the editorial board before being accepted for publication. Manuscripts should be submitted online via the website:

Journal Abbreviation : Environ. Nat. Resour. J. 
ISSN 2408-2384 (online)
ISSN 1686-5456 (print)
Language: English
Volume per year: 4 Issues (Jan.-Mar., Apr.-Jun., Jul.-Sep. and Oct.-Dec.)

Vol. 18 No. 1 (2020): Jan-Mar

Published: 2019-11-27

The Chemical Characteristic and Microbial Diversity of the Hot Spring at Phusang National Park

DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.04

Sureewan Bumrungthai, Sureewan Duangjit, Buntom Somsuwan, Somchai Inpeng

Page 33-43; DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.04

Pine Needle Energy Potential in Conifer Forest of Western Himalayan

DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.06

Vishal Sharma, Rajeev Kamal Sharma

Page 55-65; DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.06

Effect of Plant Spacing and Organic Fertilizer Doses on Methane Emission in Organic Rice Fields

DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.07

Andin Muhammad Abduh, Eko Hanudin, Benito Heru Purwanto, Sri Nuryani Hidayah Utami

Page 66-74; DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.07

Effects of Agrobacterium sp. I26, Manure and Inorganic Fertilizers to Pb Content of Rice Grains Planted in Pb Polluted Soil

DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.08

Retno Rosariastuti, Muhamad Sulthoni Fauzi, Purwanto Purwanto, Suntoro Suntoro

Page 75-84; DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.08

Association of Community-level Traits with Soil Properties in a Tropical Coastal Sand Dune

DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.10

Dokrak Marod, Sarawood Sungkaew, Hiromi Mizunaga, Jakkaphong Thongsawi

Page 101-109; DOI: 10.32526/ennrj.18.1.2020.10

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bullet_green_12 Aims and Scope :

The Environment and Natural Resources Journal (EnNRJ) is a peer-reviewed journal, which provides insight scientific knowledge into the diverse dimensions of integrated environmental and natural resource management. The journal aims to provide a platform for exchange and distribution of the knowledge and cutting-edge research in the fields of environmental science and natural resource management to academicians, scientists and researchers. The journal accepts a varied array of manuscripts on all aspects of environmental science and natural resource management. The journal scope covers the integration of multidisciplinary sciences for prevention, control, treatment, environmental clean-up and restoration. The study of the existing or emerging problems of environment and natural resources in the region of Southeast Asia and the creation of novel knowledge and/or recommendations of mitigation measures for sustainable development policies are emphasized.

The subject areas are diverse, but specific topics of interest include:

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • Detection and monitoring of polluted sources e.g., industry, mining
  • Disaster e.g., forest fire, flooding, earthquake, tsunami, or tidal wave
  • Ecological/Environmental modelling
  • Emerging contaminants/hazardous wastes investigation and remediation
  • Environmental dynamics e.g., coastal erosion, sea level rise
  • Environmental assessment tools, policy and management e.g., GIS, remote sensing, Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Environmental pollution and other novel solutions to pollution
  • Remediation technology of contaminated environments
  • Transboundary pollution
  • Waste and wastewater treatments and disposal technology

bullet_green_12 Plagiarism Policy:

All the manuscripts submitted for publication in Environment and Natural Resources Journal are checked for plagiarism before the peer review.



bullet_green_12 Schedule :

Environment and Natural Resources Journal (EnNRJ) is a quarterly published journal in January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.

bullet_green_12 Publication fees:  

There is no cost of the article-processing and publication.  

bullet_green_12 How to cite :  

The journal title could be cited as:
1. Environment and Natural Resources Journal
2. Environ. Nat. Resour. J.

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Published articles are under the copyright of the Environment and Natural Resources Journal effective when the article is accepted for publication thus granting Environment and Natural Resources Journal all rights for the work so that both parties may be protected from the consequences of unauthorized use. Partially or totally publication of an article elsewhere is possible only after the consent from the editors.

Environment and Natural Resources Journal (EnNRJ) is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)