PM2.5 Concentration in the Archives Building A Case Study of Chanthaburi National Archives

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         This cross-sectional study to analyze the concentration of PM2.5 in the archives building, A case study of Chanthaburi National Archives. Selecting a sampling point with a Purposive Sampling method from 6 rooms, including 23 samples and 1 reference points outside the building, including 2 samples. PM2.5 were measured with the DUSTTRAK DRX Aerosol Monitor Model 8533. The results are compared with acceptable standards as suggested by the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, and Singapore Standard. Analysis of data distribution with descriptive statistics and comparing the mean by ANOVA statistics, making Multiple Means Comparison using Scheffe and Post Hoc Test. The results showed that PM2.5 in 4 rooms (Document Center Room, Document Valuation and Assessment Room, Film Valuation and Assessment Room, Archive and Reference Room) were higher than acceptable standards. Statistical analysis found that the mean of PM2.5 in each room were different with statistical significance at .05 level due to the different of activities in each room. Suggestions for reducing PM2.5 was improvement of the ventilation system, install a local exhaust system and wear protective equipment to prevent the impact on the archivists.


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