Reduction of Oil Absorption in Chinese Water Chestnut Fry Product with Electric Field Technology

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Chidchanok Markjan


This research is studying of an electric field combine with a frying process in a Chinese water chestnut product for reducing oil absorb. An electric field that is used in an experiment will have a stress from 1-3 kV/cm. This will be generated by using a direct current high Voltage from 1,066 to 3,200 V. which is distributed to an electrode in an uniform and non-uniform of an electric field. This will have a dielectric barrier discharge. There is an analysis for finding a relationship of a moisture on absorbing oil of a Chinese water chestnut fried product due to a moisture has an effect on absorbing oil directly. From an experimental result, this is found that the best electric field stress which will have an effect on reducing a moisture of a Chinese water chestnut is an non-uniform electric field form that is created from a direct current high voltage at 3,200 V. and this will have an electric field stress at 3 kV/cm. This will have an average of a difference of a moisture at 0.6 g. This will select to use a direct current non-uniform electric field at 3 kV/cm. In an experiment combine with a fried process in a Chinese water chestnuts fried product, this is done for reducing of absorbing oil. By this will fry at the temperature of 180C for 5 minutes. This is found that this can reduce an absorbing of oil best at 17.93% when this has compared to a Chinese water chestnuts fried that hasn’t passed an electric field.

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C. Markjan, “Reduction of Oil Absorption in Chinese Water Chestnut Fry Product with Electric Field Technology”, RMUTP Sci J, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 37–47, Jun. 2020.
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