Application with the Internet of Things Technology Control in Smart Farms Mushroom

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วีรศักดิ์ ฟองเงิน
สุรพงษ์ เพ็ชร์หาญ
รัฐสิทธิ์ ยะจ่อ


Currently, mushrooms are very popular food because they are useful and high nutritional value as the result agriculturist are interested in mushroom cultivation. Some agricultural are success but another agricultural are fail It depend on important factor are environment and weather each season so temperature influence mushroom growing. This project aims to design and create a mushroom greenhouse which can be controlled temperature and humidity by microcontroller. There are reviewing about mushroom growing including properly greenhouse structure designed. This project consist of two parts which testing control system and mushroom quantity testing. Oyster mushrooms and phoenix mushroom were tested each 300 pack. Then compare yield of product between greenhouse that controlled temperature and humidity and greenhouse.

The testing results in control system part. The result is satisfied and can operate under conditions designed. We found that mushrooms quantity of which temperature and humidity controlled greenhouse more than general greenhouse. The average weight and standard deviation of controlled greenhouse and general greenhouse are 1.506 kg, 0.17 and 1.206 kg, 0.28, respectively. In conclusion, the result is confirmed that temperature and humidity effect on the growth of mushrooms. Further more, it can be applied in incubation mushroom process to accelerate the mushroom grow thas well.


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