Association rules for medical treatment in hypertension patients

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ชิษณุพงศ์ บุบผาทาเต


The purpose of this research was to: 1) develop the process of creating association rules for treating hypertensive patients 2) to study the results of the experiments 3) to study the effectiveness of the association rules of treating hypertensive patients at Created from the Apriori technique

            The results of the research were as follows: 1) The development of the process of creating the association rules has 3 processes: process 1, dividing the data into 2 groups according to the class and creating rules by steaming to class (dependent variables). The second process separates the data. Into 2 groups according to the class and create a non-steaming rule to the class. Process 3 brings data, combining classes and creating rules, regardless of the dependent variables. 2) The study of the experiment results using Apriori techniques to create rules. Hypertensive patient relationship measures the effectiveness of the process of creating an association rule by the number of rules that have been created and the Confidence value is divided into 3 processes. 3) The results of the study of Apriori techniques have credibility in bringing To create an association rule by finding that process 1 finds the average association rule number at 693.40 and has an average confidence value of 75.44%


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