A Management Model of Management Information Systems to Support the Thai Qualification Framework for Higher Education

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ภาณุวัตร รื่นเรืองฤทธิ์
วรปภา อารีราษฎร์
เนตรชนก จันทร์สว่าง




            This research was aimed to develop a model of management information system to support teaching and learning management complied with the Framework for Higher Education in Thailand. Target of 9 people, Qualify for a doctoral degree and has extensive experience in developing information systems. Or the use of information technology in teaching and learning within the TQF not less than one year. The tools used in the research were the appropriateness of the management information system model to support teaching and learning according to the National Higher Education Qualifications Framework. Statistics used were mean and standard deviation.             The results of the research were  1. The model development was related to the model elements and information system management guide. The model developed consisted of 7 elements, namely 1) policy elements,2) ZOPP project planning elements, 3) administrative process elements, 4) RMU-TQF system elements, 5) relevant component, 6) information systems management to support teaching and learning complied with the Framework, and 7) index elements. 2. According to information system specialists, the model developed were at the maximal level of appropriateness


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