Data Positioning Technique for Data Recovery

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The objectives of this study are 1) to investigate the data positioning pattern of the recovery block through XOR technique, 2) to find out data positioning pattern through software development, and 3) to propose the recovery testing results of data positioning pattern of the recovery block.

The results reveal that 1) from the previous studies, XOR is the only one technique offered for data positioning which is stripping the data into 6 parts and creating 3 parity, then positioning all 9 parts into the 3x3. However, the technique mentioned earlier can be done when 3 lost data is in the same row or the same column. 2) The results from C++ software development to find out the data positioning of 3x3 data block through XOR technique show that 2,592 data could be recovered. 3) To test the data recovery of 2,592 patterns from program development by stimulating 3 servers found that the data could be recovered for 100 % under the condition of less than 3 lost data in the same row or same column.


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