The An Analysis of Customer Satisfaction for Bus Air Conditioning Service Centers by Multiple Linear Regression

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Tara Khonglumtan
Parinya Srisattayakul


The goal of this study was to determine the factors that influence customer satisfaction in bus air conditioning service centers (i.e., Denso’s official representative service centers in Thailand) in order to understand the true needs of customers. This was done by collecting data from 100 questionnaires in which the questions were mainly focused on satisfaction. We were interested in factors such as satisfaction, repair quality, reasonable price, repeat purchase, repair time, and location. Multiple linear regressions were used as a statistical tool to perform a stepwise analysis to eliminate the factors that had no effect and to obtain the satisfaction equation (SAT): SAT = 0.585 + 0.465 (RP) + 0.249 (LT) + 0.169 (L), meaning that 46.5% of those surveyed intended to make a repeat purchase. Furthermore, the F-test value from the ANOVA analysis was 34.675. This demonstrated that all three variables had a significant impact on satisfaction and explains why the regression equations developed are appropriate and correct.

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