Published: 2018-06-15

Household Heat Use to Improve Sweet Tamarind Quality

Manee Pachanatong, Walaiporn Suttha, Woralak Panyathitipong


Bananas Drying Performance with a Developed Hot Air Dryer Using Waste Heat from Charcoal Production Process

Phairoach Chunkaew, Anurat Tavata, Aphirak Khadwilard, Yutana Sriudom


Effects of Chitosan Contents on Latex Properties and Physical Properties of Natural Rubber Latex/Chitosan Composites

Siwarote Boonrasri, Pongdhorn Sae–Oui, Mathurot Chaiharn, Chananpat Rardniyom


Antioxidant Dietary Fiber from Edible Bean Coats and the Application in Food Products

Julaluk Khemacheewakul, Anek Halee, Waruntorn Janmud, Suwimol Boonkomol