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Last updated      7 August 2018

Publication Fee from 1st October 2021 onwards


Publication Fee from 1st October 2021 onwards

  1. The corresponding author will be charged for the publication fee only for the article accepted for publication under the consideration of at least three reviewers for 4,000 Baht per each.

  2. The author has to pay for the fee via the Journal’s bank account based on the information below after getting the publication result.

  3. The paid fee is not returned to the author in any case.

Bank:  Government Savings Bank          Branch: Papayom

Account Name: TSUJ                          Account Number: 020328241896

(หมายเหตุ สำหรับบทความที่ส่งเข้ามาในระบบก่อนวันที่ 1 ตุลาคม 2564 ใช้หลักเกณฑ์เดิม)

ASEAN Journal of Scientific and Technological Reports (AJSTR) Invites Proposals for the Forthcoming : volume 25: 2022 (The journal accepts the English manuscript only.)


ASEAN Journal of Scientific and Technological Reports (AJSTR) invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit their original research articles and academic articles to publish in the volume 25; 2022) to present research works and academic articles in the fields of
                                    - Physics and Astronomy
                                     - Agricultural and Biological Sciences
                                     - Chemistry
                                     - Computer Science
                                     - Engineering
of researchers, staff, and students from Thaksin University and other organizations. 
The journal accepts the English manuscript only.

Publication Frequency
Published 3 time a year in January - April, May - August and September - December

Reviewing Fee 2000 Baht/ 70 US Dollar per article
(The charging fee is due upon quality acceptance of the paper before the peer review process)

Publication Fee The payment should be made via Government Savings Bank account. Bank Name: TSUJ Account No. 0-2032824189-6, Papayom Branch Please send the payment slip to the Editor at or E-mail: Contanct: 0 7460 9600#7242 or 7250, 08 1540 7304 

Vol. 24 No. 2 (2564): May - August 2021

Published: 2021-08-18


Asst. Prof. Dr.Prasong Kessaratikoon

Saline Inventory Management with Simulation Techniques

Jarupong Banthao, Wijai Boonyanusith, Nuanpan Buransri, Panadda Sophatai, Pojjana Thankrathok


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